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Spring 2023 Project Day

Spring 2023 Poster Day was a big event!

Congratulations to all presenters and graduates. Mahalo to everyone who attended.

Special thanks to Dr. Anthony Peruma and the ACM@Manoa team for their work putting this together.

Senior Capstone Projects

Team MembersProject Title
Jing ZhengDeveloping a web application for affective computing
Jingzhe Feng
Ana Araujo
Aircraft Phase Management System
Raphael Bumanlag
Benjamin Kim
Adrian Tam
An IntelliJ Plugin to Support Morea Site Development
Ujjwal Gautam
Yhanessa Sales
Business Solution Technologies Internship
Ian EshelmanTraining Physics-Informed Neural Networks with Rover Dynamics Data
Jun KimTesting and Characterizing Global Localization with Stars and Gravity
Joshua RicoGround Station Development for Rover Operations
Jacob Hardy
William Liang
Gavin Peng
ICS Capstone Website
Cathy Kim
Tam Nguyen
In-the-Browser Visualization and Editing of SimGrid Platform Description Files
Anat Amar
Cole House
Timothy Huo
Social Gaming Web Platform for Adolescents with Developmental Delays
Nicholas Lee
Malia Liu
Leilani Reich
Software Analytics Insights
Elis Diep
Trevor Kansaki
Thane Luna
Training Tracker

Masters Projects

Micah ChaoEvaluation of Smartphone Digital Wellbeing Features
Using a Motivation, Engagement and Thriving in User Experience (METUX) Model
Yiwen ChenOceanic Institute Virtual Reality Tour: 360-Degree Exploration
Anna SikkinkExploring Methods to Generate an Accurate Night Sky for VR
Holm SmidtSniffing Out Test Smells in JavaScript: An Open-source Detection Tool

Masters Theses

Aditi JaiswalUsing Twitter Data for Public Health Surveillance
and Precision Diagnostics of Autism Spectrum Disorder
Arianna BunnellData Standardization of Clinical, Real-world Ultrasound Imaging Data

Doctoral Dissertations

Yannik GlaserDeep Learning Predicts All-cause Mortality from Longitudinal Total-body DXA Imaging
Linnea WolniewiczEvolutionary-Informed Contrastive Learning for the Microbiome

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Student Chapter

Kobey AraiACM@Manoa
Jake ImanakaGrey Hats
Chelsea NguyenSWITCH
Kelly HwangPANDA
Timothy HuoICSpark
Brandi WakashigeGameDev
Ravi NarayanBallroom

Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Interns

Aris CarlosThe Current Perspective of Quantum Key Distribution
Lisa ChengSecuring Health Information: Ransomware Trends
Jericho MacababteSecuring Artificial Intelligence: Vulnerabilities and Solutions
Weihao HeA Study of Human Nature Exploitation, Social Engineering Attacks
Sienne RodwellAn Investigation of Data Sharing for DoD DCO Forces
Kye SteeleAchieving Consistency and Efficiency in Malware Analysis
Jennie Parrott (KCC)Malware Attribution
Ryan Fernandez (KCC)Causal Graph Optimization for Threat Investigation
Nathan Chang (KCC)Zero Trust Architecture for a Remote Workforce
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