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Advising and Mentoring

The College of Natural Sciences and the ICS Department are here to help you plan your academic journey.

ICS Academic Advisor, Kenny Quibilan
ICS Academic Advisor, Kenny Ka‘aiakamanu-Quibilan



Our major advisor is Kenny Ka‘aiakamanu-Quibilan. You can contact Kenny at, or schedule an appointment with him through your STAR Balance account.

The College of Natural Sciences Student Academic Success Center provides a list of other advisors for the BS in Computer Science and the BA in Information and Computer Sciences. You may schedule an appointment with any academic advisor through your STAR Balance account, or by calling 808-956-5911, or by sending email to

Learning Emporium

The Learning Emporium is a facility staffed by student peer tutors and volunteer faculty members who can help with assignments and difficult concepts in computer science. Tutors for ICS 111, 141, 211, and 241 in particular are available.