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Student Organizations

ACM@ManoaACM@Manoa is a registered student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery as well as a recognized student-chartered registered independent organization (RIO) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. We welcome students of all different backgrounds, interests, and skill levels to join our community and share our passion for computer science.
BallroomBallroom is a fun physical activity that provides stress relief and allows you to build relationships and friends with other members. You can improve your posture, build confidence and add this to your resume. You might be surprised that most of the top Adult Amateur ballroom dancers in the US are Computer Science or Engineering majors/graduates and you might even have one of them interview you for your next job!
Game DevGame Developers is a passionate group dedicated to designing, building, and showcasing video games using Unity and various other tools.
Grey HatsThe Grey Hats is a student-led, extracurricular organization focused on real-world training for cyber defense. Membership gives students an outstanding opportunity to learn and apply critical skills, attack and defend systems, and to network with others interested in modern security issues.
ICSparkICSpark is a Registered Independent Organization (RIO) at the University of Hawaii. We are a group of students who offer free coding classes every Saturday for students though the 6th – 12th grade. Our mission is to provide every motivated 6th – 12th grade student with a fun, non-intimidating coding environment and access to coding mentorship.
PANDAPANDA (Programming AND Algorithms) is a special interest group of ACM Manoa dedicated to studying and applying algorithms. We aim to help students develop the algorithmic problem solving skills needed to succeed in the field of computer science. We hold weekly meetings that involve our mentors (Big Pandas) guiding students at various levels of programming experience to solve algorithmic problems similar to ones given in technical interviews. Additionally, we hold presentations aimed to educate students about career-related topics such as resumes, internships, and more!
ACM Software DevelopmentACM Manoa Software Development aims to familiarize students with using Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as IntelliJ IDEA and VSCode to build websites and web-based applications for ACM through collaborative group work using React (a popular Javascript Library). ACM Manoa Software Development offers a valuable chance to enhance web development skills, build connections with peers, and gain practical experience. It provides opportunities to collaborate on application building while strengthening problem-solving skills, communication, and punctuality.
SWITCHSWITCH (Supporting Women in Technology Computing Hawaii) is the culmination of efforts of the awesome students, faculty, and working professionals supporting social change in the ICS department. Established in Fall 2019, we are officially a UH Manoa RIO, ACM-W Chapter, and Girls Who Code College Loops Chapter. We strive to provide useful resources from these organizations to improve your professional, technical, and personal development.