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Student Organizations

ACM@ManoaACManoa is a registered student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery as well as a recognized student-chartered registered independent organization (RIO) at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. We welcome students of all different backgrounds, interests, and skill levels to join our community and share our passion for computer science.
Game DevGame Developers is a special interest group of ACM Manoa for students interested in gaming and game development.
Grey HatsThe Grey Hats is a student-led, extracurricular organization focused on real-world training for cyber defense. Membership gives students an outstanding opportunity to learn and apply critical skills, attack and defend systems, and to network with others interested in modern security issues.
PANDAProgramming AND Algorithms: PANDA (Programming AND Algorithms) is a special interest group of ACM Manoa dedicated to studying and applying algorithms. We aim to help students develop the algorithmic problem solving skills needed to succeed in the field of computer science.
SWITCHSupporting Women in Technology & Computing Hawaii: To support women and minorities, promote gender and racial equality, facilitate professional, technical & personal development events, create an environment and atmosphere where women can feel safe, prevent violence against women by raising awareness of campus resources, and provide an overall sense of community.