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Groups and Labs


ASECO – Adaptive Security and Economics Lab (Dusko Pavlovic). We study how security is achieved through adaptation, and how  fortifications give an illusion of security. This has to do with economics, but also with cryptography. Our research is thus more “interdisciplinary”, and perhaps riskier than most people like; but it’s huge fun.


Algorithms and Parallel Computing Group (Nodari Sitchinava). AlgoPARC is working on developing efficient algorithms for modern parallel systems, such as multicores, GPUs, clusters, and cloud computing.

AllNet Project

AllNet Project (Edo Biagioni). The AllNet project aims to allow personal devices to communicate directly with each other. The benefits of AllNet include:

  • A backup communication system during emergencies and at other times when off the grid
  • A secure way of exchanging interpersonal messages and for communication among small groups
  • A simple way of sharing a small portion of available resources to build better communities

CSDL (Philip Johnson). Established in 1991, the Collaborative Software Development Laboratory performs research, development, and technology transfer in disciplines including software engineering, sustainability, entrepreneurship, educational technology, renewable energy, and computer-supported cooperative work.

CoRG – Concurrency Research Group (Henri Casanova). We do research in several areas of High Performance Computing (HPC). Most of our current research focuses on the simulation of parallel and distributed computing systems, with a large emphasis placed on HPC systems.

Hawai‘i Digital Health Lab (Peter Washington). The Hawaii Digital Health Lab is dedicated to research at the intersection of healthcare, human-centered computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and data science.


HICHI – Hawaii Computer-Human Interaction Group (Scott Robertson). We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers interested in understanding how people use information systems and dedicated to informing design based on human performance data.


LAVA – Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications (Jason Leigh). The mission of LAVA is to conduct research and development in big data visualization techniques, and to apply these techniques in cutting edge domain science, engineering, and training applications.

Peter Sadowski’s Group. Machine learning, deep learning with artificial neural networks, artificial intelligence, data science, AI4Science, bioinformatics.