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Donate to ICS

The ICS Department appreciates all of its supporters and donors. Thank you for donating or considering a donation to the department.

How to Help

ICS Enrichment Fund. This is our all-purpose fund for donations that are not targeted to a specific activity or associated with a particular donor. Donating to this fund gives ICS the greatest flexibility.

ICS K-12 Outreach Fund: Fund proceeds will be used to support the Information and Computer Sciences educational outreach with K-12 schools in the community.

Gerald Lau Advancement of Undergraduates (GLAU) Fund. If you were an ICS major at any time from 1992 to 2020, Gerald Lau was your advisor. You know how important he was to your success. When he retired, the Gerald Lau Advancement of Undergraduates (GLAU) fund was established in his honor. The fund “supports any activities that will contribute to the success of ICS undergraduates.” We are currently building this fund to size that will make it self-sustaining.

Endowments: Generous donors have created self-sustaining endowments primarily designed to support direct scholarships to ICS students. Please refer to the Scholarships page to read about these. If you are considering creating an endowed scholarship or other endowed fund for ICS, we thank you in advance and ask that you contact UH Foundation for support.

How Your Donations Help

We use donations for many resources and activities that can not be funded by student tuition or other funds provided by the state or university for operations. Here are some examples:

  • ICS Career Fair! In Spring 2023 we held the first Career Fair event dedicated to ICS. Employers and students met and mingled at Campus Center. Connections were made and jobs were gained and potential jobs were lined up! We used donations to pay for space rental, table and chair rental, and food.
  • ICS Project Day! In Spring 2023 we highlighted undergraduate capstone projects, internship projects, and other student activities in a social event called Project Day. It was packed! We plan to hold a Project Day every semester. We used donations to pay for space rental, poster printing, and purchase of easels.
  • ICS Active Lab. POST 319 has been turned into a collaboration space for classes that require group work. We used donor funds for purchasing furniture, large-screen wall monitors, and networking hardware and software.
  • ACM Student Clubs. The ACM student organization and its student clubs hold social and learning events throughout the year. These include participation in hackathons, informal get-togethers, and an end-of-year graduation party. The department uses donations to help them with things like registration fees and pizza costs.