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ICSpace (POST 318B)

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post318bPOST 318B is an interactive classroom intended for the use of the ICS Community, which is defined as:  ICS undergraduate majors, ICS graduate students, ICS faculty, and ICS staff.  Guests are welcome as long as they are accompanied by an ICS Community member.


  • a place for group and individual software/hardware design and implementation projects
  • an occasional usage classroom
  • an area for impromptu gatherings of ICS Community members for research or instruction
  • an occasional usage classroom.
  • a meeting place for ICS student groups
  • a place where ICS TAs can hold office hours or other meetings for group work, discussion, and review.

Hours of operation:

  • ICSpace is closed during the COVID-19 crisis.


  • Food and drink are allowed as long as the room remains clean.
  • Please take all your trash and food from room when you leave and dispose in hallway.
  • Please clean up spills immediately and/or notify ICS staff if necessary.
    • Occasional accidents are inevitable. Chronic problems are not.

Cell phones:

  • Please take conversations outside.


  • Normal conversations are fine. Please, no yelling.
  • In general, amplified sound is prohibited. Please use headphones.
  • Apple TVs and monitors are for visual display only, not for sound projection.
    • Exception: movie nights or other special presentations.


  • As with other areas in POST 3rd floor, this room is under 24/7 video surveillance.

Special events and reservations:

  • In general, POST 318B is a first-come, first-served room.
  • With sufficient notice, the entire room can be reserved for a few hours for activities such as a “movie night”, ICS student club meetings, or other kinds of meetups.  In general, such events should be open to any ICS Community member.
  • ACM Manoa ( is in charge of handling reservations. Contact them for details. Their website is

Here is the calendar of upcoming special events scheduled for POST 318B.

Room management: