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Research Profiles

[av_one_fourth first] [av_team_member name=’Allnet’ job=’Edo Biagioni’ src=’’ attachment=’1717′ description=’“AllNet is designed to let mobile devices communicate effectively even when there is no cellular service. AllNet communication takes advantage of the Internet when available. When the Internet is not available, whenever possible AllNet supports low-bandwidth communication by direct exchange of data among mobile devices.” (Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Biometric Mouse’ job=’Martha Crosby and Curtis Ikehara’ src=’’ attachment=’433′ description=’“The Adaptive Multimodal Interaction Lab has been using a variety of high precision physiological sensors such as eye-tracking to detect task difficulty. Eye tracking is relatively expensive so we wanted to develop alternative lower cost physiological sensors that could provide complementary data indicating task difficulty. Our biometric mouse, now in mass production, has the potential to meet both cost and capability requirements.”(Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Long Duration, Deep Space Missions’ job=’Kim Binsted’ src=’’ attachment=’455′ description=’“At HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation), we are able to put a crew of six people in a space analog habitat for long durations (4-12+ months), to address questions like: What’s the best way to select a crew so that they will work well together in stressful situations over the long term? What sets of skills will the crew need to have, and how will they maintain those skills over long missions? What kind of diet will keep them healthy and happy?”(Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth][av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Query processing for mobile applications’ job=’Lipyeow Lim’ src=’’ attachment=’424′ description=’“Users are increasingly rely on phones for tasks they used to do with their computers. On top of that, phones are including sensors that enable a whole new class of mobile phone applications. People with health problems can wear sensors that measure their heart rate, EKG, temperature, and so forth. This requires a special type of query processing called “continuous query processing”, where the query condition is continuously evaluated as the sensor data arrives at the phone.” (Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth][av_one_fourth first] [av_team_member name=’Social computing and astroinformatics’ job=’Rich Gazan’ src=’’ attachment=’430′ description=’“The part (of Social Computing) I’m interested in has to do with information that’s generated and vetted by large numbers of non-experts, and how people integrate and distill information from diverse sources. If two or twenty or two hundred anonymous posters tell you a restaurant is worth visiting, or a movie is worth seeing, how do you weigh that against the opinions of your friends, or pro reviewers? I think any social force that influences information access is in the realm of social computing.”(Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth][av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’e-Government and digital democracy’ job=’Scott Robertson’ src=’’ attachment=’527′ description=’“e-Government is an umbrella term that covers all forms of the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the government. e-Participation and Digital democracy both refer to the use of ICTs to support democratic activities such as political deliberation, campaigning, and organizing. There is a lot of interest in understanding how citizens are using new forms of social media to participate in civic affairs, organize political activities, and learn about local, national, and global political issues.” (Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth][av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Peer learning initiative’ job=’Michael-Brian Ogawa’ src=’’ attachment=’538′ description=’“Many students have difficulty in the initial computer science courses. We thought that students who recently took these courses might be great mentors because they could relate to both the students and the material. So, we created an initiative to teach upper division students how to be peer mentors, and provide opportunities for them to practice these skills in the introductory courses.”(Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Traces Project’ job=’Dan Suthers’ src=’’ attachment=’546′ description=’“Communication and information technologies are rapidly becoming integral to daily life around the globe, enabling new forms of social systems and extending the scope of existing ones across time and space. These socio-technical systems range from informal networks of people to virtual organizations. To more effectively support virtual organizations with emerging technologies, new analytic tools are needed to understand how technological designs encourage transformative interactions between people.” (Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth first] [av_team_member name=’Random Network Topologies’ job=’Henri Casanova’ src=’’ attachment=’528′ description=’“Networks have been used to interconnect computers for decades. We use some of these on a daily basis (wired internet, wireless networks) for a wide range of tasks. Other networks are built for more specific purposes, such as interconnecting powerful compute servers, or nodes, in High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms. For these applications to run fast, the network interconnecting the nodes must also be fast. One question that has received a lot of attention is: what is the best topology for HPC interconnects?” (Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Kukui Cup’ job=’Philip Johnson’ src=’’ attachment=’1719′ description=’“The Kukui Cup Project explores novel ways to utilize concepts from information technology, community-based social marketing, serious games, and educational pedagogy to support sustained change in sustainability-related behaviors. The current focus of the Kukui Cup Project is residence hall energy challenges. In future, we plan to expand our scope to include other sustainability resources (such as water and waste) and other contexts (such as office buildings and residences).” (Read more)’] [/av_one_fourth]