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Mission Statement

The mission of the Information and Computer Sciences Department is to nurture a world-class community of students and faculty dedicated to innovative scientific and information-related research and education for the benefit of the participants, Hawaii, the United States, and the world.

Computer Science Mission –– The mission of the Computer Science program is to prepare students to be research and development leaders in computer science and computer technology. To this end, the program is a catalyst and a resource for shaping the future of the broad discipline of computer science.  The faculty embraces the mutual interdependence of research and teaching to achieve excellence in both. As part of its mission the program brings the latest research findings into courses and actively involves students in research endeavors of the faculty. The program also provides leadership in the application of high technology to improve the educational experience.

Library and Information Science Mission — We educate leaders in the information professions. Through research, teaching and service, we contribute to knowledge, solve problems and prepare individuals to thrive in diverse information environments, with an emphasis on Hawai‘i and the Asia-Pacific region.