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Policy on office space

The ICS Department policy on office space is intended to provide fair and effective utilization of room resources in the POST building.   The policy has two components: faculty offices and non-faculty office rooms.

Faculty office allocation

When a faculty office becomes available, that office is made available for allocation to each faculty member in order of seniority.  The seniority of a faculty member is defined by their date of hire at UH. (Note that a faculty member’s date of hire at UH can be earlier than their date of hire into the ICS department if they are transferring from some other department).  If a faculty member decides to switch, then their prior office becomes available and the process starts over again.

It is the responsibility of the Department Chair to oversee faculty office allocation and contact faculty in the appropriate order when faculty offices become available.

Non-faculty office room allocation

The POST building also contains a number of non-faculty offices. These include (a) TA offices and (b) suites and other non-faculty rooms.

It is the responsibility of the Graduate Chair to oversee allocation of TA offices.

It is the responsibility of the Infrastructure Committee to oversee the allocation of suites and other non-faculty rooms.   It is expected that faculty who manage these areas will effectively utilize them for teaching, research, and/or service.  The Infrastructure Committee has the authority to request periodic reports from faculty managing these areas about their utilization.   If both the Department Chair and the Infrastructure Committee concur that such an area is being misused and/or is not being effectively utilized, then this area can be re-allocated for management by a different faculty member.

Last updated: September, 2010

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