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Policy on departmental roles


Directs activities, curricula, and personnel in the Department of Information and Computer Sciences.

  • Leads planning for curricula, research, equipment, and space.
  • Coordinates faculty recruiting.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations for all personnel actions of the department.
  • Prepares budget requests and monitors expenditures.
  • Prepares class schedules and teaching assignments (note: this has been delegated to Assoc. Chair).
  • Serves as spokesperson for the department.
  • Involved in fundraising for departmental programs.

Instructional Staff

Provide instruction, conduct research, and undertake community services related to computer and library sciences.

  • Develop and teach undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Direct independent student projects, reading, and research.
  • Conduct research and solicit funding for research.
  • Advise and counsel students.
  • Supervise graduate students’ dissertation research.
  • Serve on department, college, and university committees.

Civil Service Personnel

Provide secretarial and clerical services for the department.

  • Maintain files and records.
  • Hire, train, and supervise student clerks.
  • Prepare and process personnel forms.
  • Prepare and process purchasing forms and maintain an account of all expenditures.
  • Process course schedules and assist students with administrative matters.
  • Establish and maintain student records, assist in registration and advising routings, administer student evaluations.
  • Take inventory of departmental equipment.
  • Act as receptionist for the department.