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Discover AI


The ICS Department and AI4All are excited to offer a Discover AI opportunity to students in Fall 2022.

AI4ALL College Pathways is a new initiative designed to spark interest and increase persistence in AI-related careers for undergraduate students who represent new voices in AI. The program offerings will connect participants with an approachable introduction to AI, internships, career-readiness resources, and a supportive on-campus peer community.

Apply? Fill out the AI4All Discover AI Form before September 7, 2022.

Discover AI as a Possible Career Path

Join us at Discover AI and research AI fundamentals and their application in society through a project-based program at no cost to accepted students! Upon completion, receive a Discover AI Certificate of Completion (not a UH certificate) and get ideas for next steps to take along your AI career path.

AI4All Students

Details and Commitment

  • Virtual Program
  • 10 Weeks
  • Launching 9/23/22
  • Includes both synchronous (Fri. 12pm-1:30pm HST weekly) and asynchronous instruction
  • Fill out the AI4All Discover AI Application before September 7, 2022

Computer Science Majors

The program supplements CS coursework and builds a fundamental framework to consider for a more sustainable and ethical AI implementation.

Majors in Other Disciplines

We welcome you as well! Learn more about AI in a safe and thoughtful environment and apply AI concepts to issues in your own major discipline.

What are both the positive and negative implications of AI technology in society? How can (and does) AI affect communities in today’s world? Explore the intersectionality of AI with other fields and articulate your own mindful perspective of AI.

Discover AI is the first in a series of AI4All programs to support your journey in AI.

STEP 1: Discover AI –>
Intro to AI fundamentals.

Build an AI portfolio.

Career development and internships.

Who Should Apply?

AI4All programs are designed to bring together and highlight voices that have been historically excluded, and that will lead and shape the future of AI. We aim to serve the following students, especially those at the intersection of two or more of these identities:

  • Indigenous Peoples, Black, Hispanic or Latinx, Pacific Islander, Southeast Asian
  • Trans and non-binary; two-spirit; cis women and girls
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, queer
  • Students with demonstrated financial need (for example, students who receive financial aid)
  • First-generation college students