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Community Profile: The Box Jelly

Rechung Fujihira, founder of The Box Jelly, tells us about this co-working environment. Interview in April, 2012.

“The Box Jelly”? That’s an interesting name. How did you pick it, and how did The Box Jelly come to be?

rechungfujiharaWe picked the name The Box Jelly for a few reasons. The first being we wanted to use a local animal. Our original concept was to have pop-up work spaces. The Box Jellyfish come to the islands after the full moon stay for a few days and then go back into the ocean much like our spaces were designed to do. Since then we have changed our business model.

The name is also a play on words. A Jelly is a work get together ( these were the origins of coworking so by definition we are a Jelly in a Box. Clever.

What are a couple of interesting activities or events that have come out of The Box Jelly so far?

boxjellyinsideWe have had several companies form in The Box Jelly. We have also had a version of the Firefox browser released from The Box Jelly as well. We have had some high profile keynote speakers including Jennifer Palkah, and Tim O’Rielly.

The first Ignite in Honolulu was also in The Box Jelly and was an excellent event. There were many many more as well.

If an ICS student or faculty member wanted to get involved with the Box Jelly, how would they do that?

They could just come down here. I suggest checking out HI Capacity, Hawaii’s first maker space which is incubating in The Box Jelly. They are usually here in the evenings. Just have them contact me.

What are some of the plans for the future?

We are working towards our expansion. We will be doing a complete rebrand with this. Also we are working on rolling out new programs such as bringing out LUXr for a workshop. They are mentors for 500 startups which is an indicator of the way we are headed. Also classes in iPhone app development, and more.

Anything else you’d like us to know about The Box Jelly?

Our motto is, “work the way you live.” The space is for the new work life that many of us are entering into. We invite you to come down and visit us for a chat. It’s probably a better way to connect then email alone.