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ICS Lunch and Seminar Series: Sean Goggins on 1/12

Thursday, Jan. 12, 12:00pm, POST318B (ICSpace)  Computational Intelligence Pipelines: Imagination and Reality Sean Goggins Computer Science Department University of Missouri Abstract: The promise of making sense of human behavior through technology for profit is immense. If one looks at the success of online advertising, Amazon’s suggestions and Facebook advertising, indeed, monetizing human behavior related to purchasing […]

ICS/CIS Joint Research Seminar: Ravi Vatrapu on Jan. 9

Monday, Jan. 9th, 4:30-5:30, Hamilton Library 2K Social Set Analysis: A Set Theoretical Approach to Big Data Analysis Prof. Ravi Vatrapu Centre for Business Data Analytics Copenhagen Business School, Denmark Abstract: Current analytical approaches in computational social science can be characterized by four dominant paradigms: text analysis (information extraction and classification), social network analysis (graph […]

ICS Lunch and Seminar Series: Pawel Sobocinski on 11/3

Pawel Sobocinski Where and When: POST318B (ICSpace) Thursday November 3, 12:00pm Title: Compositional model checking of concurrent systems with Petri nets Abstract: Compositionality and process equivalence are both standard concepts of process algebra. Compositionality means that the behaviour of a compound system relies only on the behaviour of its components, i.e. there is no emergent behaviour. Process equivalence […]

ICS Lunch and Seminar Series: Bas Westerbaan on 10/13

Bas Westerbaan Where and When: POST318B (ICSpace) Thursday October 13, 12:00pm Title: In search for the smallest Kochen-Specker system Abstract: At the heart of the famous Conway-Kochen Free Will Theorem and Kochen and Specker’s argument against non-contextual hidden variable theories is the existence of a Kochen-Specker (KS) system: a finite set of points on the […]

Town Hall Meeting between ICS Faculty and Students

ICS faculty and students held a “town hall” meeting in ICSpace to discuss issues. Among the topics discussed were the “no repeat” policy for introductory classes, the “B-or-better” policy in introductory classes for majoring in ICS, the availability of writing intensive and oral intensive courses within ICS, class scheduling, and changes on the prerequisite structure. […]

ICS Lunch and Seminar Series: Michael Goodrich

POST318B (ICSpace) Thursday September 8, 12:00pm Pizza and beverages provided! Invertible Bloom Lookup Tables and Their Applications to Data Analysis Michael Goodrich, Ph.D. Abstract: We present a version of the Bloom filter data structure that supports not only the insertion, deletion, and lookup of key-value pairs, but also allows a complete listing of the pairs […]

Grad Seminar Guest: Chris Zimmerman

Graduate seminar, Thursday, Sept. 8, 4:30-5:30, POST 126 Space vs. Place: Comparing Space-based Movements and Place-based Experiences while Exploring the Digital Reverberations of City Spaces and Public Places Chris Zimmerman, Copenhagen Business School Abstract  This research applies urban informatics methods and techniques on big data generated from the concentrated environment of the second largest music festival […]

First Disrupt Army Hackathon Coming Up

Disrupt Army Hackathon The first of a series of Web Application Hackathons will be held on Sept. 30 – Oct. 1 at the Manoa Innovation Center. All students (17+) are welcome to join. For your hacking efforts there will be food, drinks and prizes! “@disruptarmy disrupts information systems by hosting hackathon events for students…” More information: http://www.disruptarmy.com/   […]

Robertson Highlighted in APS Observer

ICS Professor Scott Robertson has been highlighted in an article about unconventional careers for behavioral scientists. The article — Here, There, Everywhere —  appears in the September issue of the APS Observer. The Association for Psychological Science (APS) is a professional organization founded  “to promote, protect, and advance the interests of scientifically oriented psychology in research, […]

President Obama Tweets about Mars Simulation

President Obama posted a tweet congratulating the Mars simulation team and suggesting they get a shave ice. The fourth HI-SEAS mission has just been completed after a one-year stay in a habitat on the Big Island. ICS Professor Kim Binsted is the project’s principal investigator.