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FAQs for newly admitted Computer Science grad students

You’ve applied, been accepted, and have just arrived in our department. Congratulations! What do you do now? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by new graduate students.


  1. Is there a guide for new graduate students?
    See these pages:
  2. I’m a new international student and I’ve just arrived. What do I do first?
    Perhaps the best thing you can do first is visit the International Student Services program. They have a lot of useful information, and services for housing, campus tours, and a mentoring program.

    Before you can complete the financial aid forms in our department, you will need to obtain your social security number. So, that is probably the next thing you will do after visiting the ISS office.

  3. How do I go about registering for classes?
    First, you need to see the Graduate Chair.

    The Graduate Chair starting in Fall 2013 is Prof. Edoardo Biagioni, and his office number, phone number and office hours are available at his home page:

    After meeting with the Grad. Chair you can register for courses on-line (

  4. How do I get my ITS (uhunix) computer account (i.e. the “” account)?
    First, you need to have registered for your classes. Next, you must go to the ITS (Information and Technology) Help Desk in Keller Hall, Room 105. Information about ITS services is available online at:
  5. Where are on-campus computer labs for using my ITS (uhunix) computer account?
    Again, check out the ITS page at and read the section on “Computer Labs”.
  6. How do I get access to the ICS Department Educational Computing Labs?
    Your UHUNIX account is not valid for the ICS labs. To get an account, you first need a UHUNIX account. Then you can click on the “Facilities” link to find current instructions on how to obtain an ICS educational computing lab account.
  7. I don’t know much about Unix (or PINE, or HTML, etc.). How do I learn more?
    ITS has offered short courses in the past on these topics, and has videotapes and printed materials. Check for details. Also, the ICS Club ( occasionally offers short courses.
  8. I’m a TA. How do I get a key to my office?
    See the Department Secretary in the main office. You will need to pay a deposit of $25.00 to receive the key, which is refunded when you turn your key in. Only graduate students with TA-ships can be provided with office space by the Department. (Because of lack of office space, we cannot currently provide all TAs with a desk in an enclosed office.)

    Research assistants obtain office space through their lab director or advisor.

  9. I’m a TA. Will I be getting financial aid until I graduate?
    To assure the quality of our undergraduate program we will be evaluating TA’s performance at the end of each semester. The best way to maintain your TA-ship is to make sure that your performance is excellent.
  10. What else do I need to do?
    To be informed of important news for graduate students, you need to subscribe to the ICS graduate student mailing list by sending email to the Grad Chair ( and specifying you UHUNIX account. Only enrolled ICS graduate students with can be placed on this list.