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Academic Profiles

[av_one_fourth first] [av_team_member name=’Andrea Connell’ job=’M.S. ICS (2012)’ src=’’ attachment=’427′ description=’“I am a Software Development Engineer for the Legal department at Amazon. We customize commercial off-the-shelf systems and develop custom applications that help internal Amazon employees do their jobs. To me this is the perfect type of position because I have the network and resources that come with working for a big company like Amazon, but I am also able to know my customers personally and can be in control of a project over its entire lifecycle.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Kurt Teichman’ job=’B.S. ICS (2011)’ src=’’ attachment=’194′ description=’“My main purpose in going to Cornell is to explore their relatively new specialty of computer science in medicine. There are many venues in which one can find work in medicine today: informatics, quality of care assurance, computer automated diagnosis, medical worker support, human computer interaction, training systems, electronic medical records, medical imaging, robotics and so forth. There is an increasing need for skilled individuals capable of creating connections between medicine and the digital age. One day I hope to bridge the gap between them.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Mark Stillwell’ job=’Ph.D. ICS (2010)’ src=’’ attachment=’459′ description=’“I have found the material covered in my courses on Software Engineering, High Performance Computing, and Numerical Algorithms to be extremely useful. The opportunity to propose and develop solutions to open ended problems in courses like Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision contributed greatly to my development as an independent researcher. Additionally, the international connections I made by working with visiting researchers in the ICS department were absolutely essential for establishing myself in Europe and finding work abroad.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Kimberly Heu’ job=’B.A. ICS, B.A. Mathematics (2010)’ src=’’ attachment=’456′ description=’“I’m currently finishing my commitment with Teach For America; I am a 2010 corps member in their New Mexico region. I work as a Teacher of the Gifted at a middle school in Gallup, NM, which is surrounded by Navajo reservation land. I’m primarily teaching advanced math classes to accelerate students so that they take Geometry in the eighth grade; I also teach a computer literacy elective. In addition, I’m currently finishing the coursework for my Master of Arts in Secondary Education from the University of New Mexico. Eventually I hope to earn a PhD – most likely in education, although I still may be swayed to computer science.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth first] [av_team_member name=’John Bender’ job=’B.S. ICS (2006)’ src=’’ attachment=’453′ description=’“I’m lucky enough to work full time for Adobe as a Development Lead on an open source project called jQuery Mobile. The library, and consequently my job, is focused primarily on making the construction of cross platform mobile applications using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) easier for developers. Before joining Adobe I was the Ruby Technology Lead and then Director of Engineering for a company called Originate Labs.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Austen Ito’ job=’B.S. ICS (2005)’ src=’’ attachment=’429′ description=’“I believe that you will have an extremely hard time being successful if you don’t love, love, love developing software. If you aren’t pursuing development internships, writing a lot of code, reading even more code, reading hacker news everyday, constantly checking out Github, you’re doing it wrong. If you want to be great, you need to immerse yourself. I’m not claiming to be great, but these are the steps that others have taken to greatness. I’m merely copying them. Don’t worry if that sounds overwhelming. There is a reason why software developers have the #1 occupation in the country. It’s so fun it’s mind blowing.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Mette Moffett’ job=’B.S. ICS (2001)’ src=’’ attachment=’461′ description=’Mette designed “Virtual Commerce” for her Senior Honors Project, a simulation on the internet integrated into a class teaching entrepreneurship. The V-Commerce Simulation Engine incorporates electronic commerce and develops Web site ideas. ”The project included working with interdisciplinary teams to have real life software development skills, learning project management, developing the Web site, and developing a business plan,” Mette explains. She even explained the process to an ICS graduate class. Furthermore, she was awarded a $5,000 Aspect Technology grant to continue her research project. (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth] [av_one_fourth] [av_team_member name=’Aaron Kagawa’ job=’B.S. ICS (2003)’ src=’’ attachment=’549′ description=’“Before starting the Honors Program, I was an average University of Hawaii ICS student. I had good grades and was counting down graduation. But, I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduation. I didn’t have much experience in one specific topic and the experience I did have didn’t seem to match the jobs out there. After completing my honors thesis, things totally changed. I got accepted to graduate school and was awarded a Graduate Research Assistantship. Now, I’m working in Hawaii’s high tech industry in a position that I believe was made possible by my work in the Honors Program.” (Read the whole profile here)’] [/av_one_fourth]