<a href="http://asecolab.org/">Adaptive Security and Economics Lab</a>

Adaptive Security and Economics Lab


adaptive. security. economics.
Director: Dusko Pavlovic

<a href="http://navet.ics.hawaii.edu/~poisson/BiL/index.html">Bioinformatics Lab</a>

Bioinformatics Lab


Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.
Directors: Guylaine Poisson and Kyungim Baek

<a href="http://csdl.ics.hawaii.edu/">Collaborative Software Development Lab</a>

Collaborative Software Development Lab


Software engineering for renewable energy, software metrics, computer-supported cooperative work.
Director: Philip Johnson

<a href="http://navet.ics.hawaii.edu/~casanova/corg/index.html">Concurrency Research Group</a>

Concurrency Research Group


Parallel and distributed computing, computer system simulation, high-performance computing.
Director: Henri Casanova

<a href="http://manoa.hawaii.edu/hichi/">Hawaii Computer-Human Interaction Lab</a>

Hawaii Computer-Human Interaction Lab


Understanding how people use information systems and informing design based on human performance data. Current research on digital government applications and how people use the Internet to make political decisions.
Director: Scott Robertson

<a href="http://www2.hawaii.edu/~leighj">Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications</a>

Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications


Advanced Visualization Displays, Big Data Visualization, Virtual Reality, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Human Augmentics
Director: Jason Leigh

<a href="http://lilt.ics.hawaii.edu/">Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies</a>

Laboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies


Cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and social science approaches to technology-supported learning and collaboration.
Director: Daniel Suthers

<a href="http://www2.hawaii.edu/~amilab/">Adaptive Multimedia Interaction Laboratory</a>

Adaptive Multimedia Interaction Laboratory


Machine learning and computational neuroscience.
Director: Susanne Still

<a href="http://www2.hawaii.edu/~sstill/MLL.html">Machine Learning Lab</a>

Machine Learning Lab


Machine learning and computational neuroscience.
Director: Susanne Still