• A Multi-Agent Simulation of MSM HIV Transmission Examining the Role of Concurrent Relationships, Robert Puckett, chair: Nancy Reed
  • Makahiki and SGSEAM: Design and Evaluation of a Serious Game Framework for Sustainability and Stakeholder Experience Method, Yongwen Xu, chair: Philip Johnson
  • Software Trajectory Analysis: An Empirically Based Method for Automated Software Process Discovery, Pavel Senin, chair: Philip Johnson
  • In-Memory Distance Threshold Searches on Moving Object Trajectories, Michael Gowanlock, chair: Henri Casanova
  • Kernel-Based Empirical Bayesian Classification Methods with Applications to Protein Phosphorylation and Non-Coding RNA, Mark Menor, chairs: Kyungim Baek and Guylaine Poisson
  • Turns, sequences, and inscriptions: Investigating representational practice in a semiotic-rich online environment, Richard Medina, chair: Dan Suthers
  • Fostering sustained energy behavior change and increasing energy literacy in a student housing energy challenge, Robert Brewer, chair: Philip Johnson
  • Computational Methods and Algorithms for Phage Metagenomic Data Analysis, Mahdi Belcaid, chair: Guylaine Poisson
  • A Framework for Efficient Creation and Customization of High Level Program Visualizations, John Wu, chair: Jan Stelovsky
  • Dynamic Fractional Resource Scheduling for Cluster Platforms, Mark Stillwell, chair: Henri Casanova
  • A Personalized Recommender Agent for the World Wide Web – A Semantic Perspective, Pei-Chia Chang, chair: Luz Quiroga
Before 2010


  • Overcoming the Difficulties Created by the Volatile Nature of Desktop Grids Through Understanding, Prediction and Redundancy, Joshua Wingstrom, chair: Henri Casanova
  • Measuring and Extending LR(1) Parser Generation, Xin Chen, chair: David Pager


  • Network Threat Detection Utilizing Adaptive and Innate Immune System Metaphors, Robert Fanelli, chair: Kim Binsted
  • Automated Inference of Software Development Behaviors: Design, Implementation and Validation of Zorro for Test-Driven Development, Hongbing Kou, chair: Philip Johnson
  • Bayesian Learning Framework with Kernel-Imbedded Gaussian Processes Applied to Microarray Analysis, Xin Zhao, chair: Guylaine Poisson


  • Computable Social Communication, David Pautler, chair: David Chin
  • A Rapid, Information Centric, Development (RAPID) Framework to Construct Multi-Lingual Textual Communication Systems in Support of Disaster Relief Operations, Matt Chapman, chair: David Chin
  • Incorporating Indexicality and Contingency into the Design of Representations for Computer-Mediated Collaboration, Nathan Dwyer, chair: Dan Suthers


  • Improving Software Development Process and Project Management with Software Project Telemetry, Qin Zhang, chair: Philip Johnson
  • Eventstream: Software to Facilitate Research in Program Comprehension, Christoph Aschwanden, chair: Martha Crosby


  • Automated Translation of Dynamic Programming Problems to JAVA code and their Solution via an Intermediate Petri Net Representatio, Holger Mauch, chair: Art Lew