LAVA Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Star Wars

How would a visualization laboratory celebrate Star Wars?

With the highest resolution Star Wars simulation in the world of course!

Graduate EE student Noel Kawano and undergraduate ICS student Ryan Theriot developed a simulation of the epic space battle in Star Wars Rogue One, and a scene on the desert planet of Tatooine.

The simulation was developed for the Destiny-class CyberCANOE at the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization & Applications. The CyberCANOE was co-funded by the National Science Foundation and the Academy for Creative Media System.

LAVA exhibits at the Cultural Animation Film Festival 2017

Academy for Creative Media students (Kari Noe, Andrew Guagliardo, Kurt Noe), ICS student (Anna Sikkink), and Learning Technology students (Patrick Karjala, Dean Lodes) demonstrated two virtual reality projects (Kilo Hoku and How Maui Snared the Sun) at the 2017 Cultural Animation Film Festival at the Honolulu Museum of Art

Kilo Hoku is a project to explore the possibility of teaching future generations of students in the art and science of polynesian way finding using VR technology. The simulation puts the user on-board a virtual Hokulea twin-hull polynesian voyaging canoe and teaches them how to navigate between two nearby islands in Hawaii. The work was developed by ACM, ICS double major Kari Noe, ICS student Anna Sikkink, Learning Technology students Patrick Karjala and Dean Lodes.

How Maui Snared the Sun is a VR telling of the well known Polynesian myth of how Maui slowed down the sun in order to give the world more daylight. The work was developed by double ICS and ACM major Andrew Guagliardo, and ICS
major Anna Sikkink.

The projects were created as part of the ICS department’s Virtual and Augmented Reality course taught by Professor Jason Leigh, Director of the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications (LAVA). Hardware and software for the show was co-sponsored by LAVA, the Academy for Creative Media System, and University of Hawaii’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program.


Professor Philip Johnson Talks about the March for Science on ThinkTech Hawaii

Professor Philip Johnson appeared with colleagues Dr. Joe Mobley and Dr. Helen Spafford on ThinkTech Hawaii to discuss the March for Science. The March for Science will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 3-7pm at the University of Hawaii, Manoa campus.

Kari Noe Demonstrates Virtual Reality at Math Day in Molokaʻi

Molokaʻi Math Day took place on April 8, 2017 in conjunction with the Hoʻomau festival at Lanikeha, Hoolehua on Molokaʻi. Molokaʻi Math Day was initiated in 2011 by the department of Mathematics and has become a yearly event since then. On April 8th, two UH faculty, two post-doctoral researchers, three graduate students and seven undergraduate students flew to Molokaʻi to run activities including robotics, toothpick geometry, origami 3D-shapes and probability games.

This year, Kari Noe of the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications participated with a portable VR station displayed for the first time, it proved to be a resounding success among Molokaʻi’s population with students lining up to dive into their first encounter with the world of virtual reality.

Kari is an undergraduate double major in Information & Computer Science and Academy for Creative Media (ACM). Kari also works as a laboratory research assistant in LAVA funded by ACM System.

Professor David Chin on Bytemarks Cafe

Professor and Department Chair, David Chin, discussed AI and the Future of Work on the January 11 edition of Bytemarks Cafe. Check it out here: Episode 437.

Professor Kim Binsted on Bytemarks Cafe

Professor Kim Binsted discussed the HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) mission on the Feb 22 edition of Bytemarks Cafe. Check it out here: Episode 443.

Professor Lipyeow Lim on Bytemarks Cafe

Professor Lipyeow Lim discussed cryptocurrency and blockchain on the March 5 edition of Bytemarks Cafe. Check it out here: Episode 466

ICS Portfolios features 100+ ICS students

ICS Portfolios ( is a new service provided by the ICS Department to highlight the skills and interests of faculty, students, and alumni.  It is based on TechFolios, a portfolio template system designed by Professor Philip Johnson and used in the software engineering curriculum.

Stephani Diep and David Chin Discuss AT&T Hackathon on HNN and KITV

ICS major and former AT&T Hackathon winner, Stephani Diep, and ICS Chair, David Chin, appeared on Hawaii News Now and KITV to talk about the Hackathon experience and promote the upcoming AT&T Hackathon on March 10-11.

Watch HNN:

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Scott Robertson Appears on ThinkTech Hawaii

Professor Scott Robertson appeared on ThinkTech Hawaii on March 8th. He talked with host Jay Fidel about human-computer interaction, computer science, and social media and civic engagement.