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Seminar, Alex Cabello, “Introduction to AlgorithmHub and the Technology Behind the Platform”

AlgorithmHub is a cloud based service that promotes the development, sharing and publishing of algorithms. AlgorithmHub creates communities around algorithms, thus minimizing reinvention and accelerating the adoption of algorithms. During the seminar we will provide a brief tutorial of AlgorithmHub and some of the open source technologies behind the platform, including Docker, Node, and React. Please bring a computer if […]

Seminar: Riko Jacob, IT University of Copenhagen, “Sparse Grids and the I/O-Model: How Theory Helps”

Starting from the observation that quite frequently the memory system is the performance bottleneck, I will discuss a typical memory efficient algorithm, namely the classical one for dense matrix multiplication. Then I will briefly sketch how similar ideas are helpful in the setting of Sparse Grids (I’ll explain what that is too), and report on experiments we did with this […]

HiCHI in the news: How Does Social Media Affect Our Political Decisions?

Social media affects political decisions – for better or worse, University of Hawaii at Manoa researchers say. As the election season heats up, it’s important to understand how sites like Facebook and Twitter could be affecting voters’ political opinions. UH researchers from the Hawaii Computer-Human Interaction Lab recently produced a study that looked at how […]

Seminar, Pourang Irani, “Toward ubiquitous analytics”

Our reliance on data for making decisions, or data analytics, is undergoing a transformation from being predominantly carried out by a single individual or a group of experts, and in limited settings (such as on traditional PCs) to taking place while on-the-go and in the field of action. Data analytics is becoming necessary for the […]

What makes food sound tasty? ICS researchers find out.

Yelp reviews are a part of modern dining. And good reviews are good business for eateries. But what makes good eats sound delicious on Yelp? That’s what two University of Hawaii information science researchers – Weranuj Ariyasriwatana and Luz Marina Quiroga – wanted to find out as part of a study that could be useful […]

Seminar: Dusko Pavlovic, “On the Unreasonable Ineffectiveness of Security Engineering: Adverse Selection of Trust Certificates

In his famous 1960 essay, Eugene Wigner raised the question of “the unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics in natural sciences”. After several decades of security research, we are able to ask similar questions about security: Do the security technologies make us more secure? Is security engineering not unreasonably ineffective? As a case to the point, I […]

Seminar: Alan Mislove, “Measuring personalization of online services”

Today, many web services personalize their content, including Netflix (movie recommendations), Amazon (product suggestions), and Yelp (business reviews). In many cases, personalization provides advantages for users: for example, when a user searches for an ambiguous query such as “router,” Amazon may be able to suggest the woodworking tool instead of the networking device.  However, personalization […]

Seminar: Hendranus Vermeulen, “The gamification of computer science”

The talk introduces the terms ‘serious games’ and ‘gamification’, which derive from the troublesome concept ‘game’. It focuses on the gamification of the 2nd year Computer Game Design course, which was developed and coordinated from 2012 to 2015 at the Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town. The design and research methods, results and […]

ICS Faculty inventors honored

The University of Hawaii launched the first Hawaiʻi chapter of the National Academy of Inventors, an organization of more than 200 U.S. and international universities and research institutions and more than 3,000 individual members who have obtained patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Among those recognized at the inaugural dinner were current ICS Faculty […]